It’s important to ensure that conveyor systems and emergency stop systems comply with safety standards to protect the well-being of workers and prevent accidents.

  1. Tripping Mechanism: The Safe-T-Pull lanyard device is designed to initiate a positive tripping mechanism when certain conditions are met. Positive tripping can occur manually via the reset knob or automatically when one or both trip wires are removed, over-tensioned, or activated. This is a crucial safety feature to halt conveyor systems in emergency situations.
  2. Compliance with Standards: The fact that the Safe-T-Pull lanyard device has been tested to meet the requirements of Australian Standards AS4024 (Safety of Machinery Standards), AS/NZS 3947.5.5, and IEC 60947.5.5 is significant. This demonstrates that the device has been designed and tested to meet industry safety standards, which is essential for ensuring the safety of personnel operating or working near conveyor systems.
  3. Installation Instructions: the Safe-T-Pull lanyard device, when installed according to our specific installation instructions will ensure compliance with relevant Australian and International Standards. This highlights the importance of not only using compliant equipment but also correctly installing and configuring it to maintain safety.
    For anyone involved in the design, installation, and operation of conveyor systems, it’s vital to follow safety standards and guidelines to minimize risks and ensure the safety of personnel. Compliance with safety standards is essential, and using safety devices like the Safe-T-Pull lanyard device can contribute to a safer working environment. Always ensure that you are adhering to the most current safety standards and regulations in your region to maintain the highest level of safety.

Step 1. Choose your enclosure Type

Non Ex.
High Impact PC/PBT UV Stable Flame Retardant Plastic
3mm Powder Coated Aluminum
2mm 316 Electro Polished Stainless Steel
High Impact PC/PBT UV Stable Flame Retardant Static Dissipative IE9 ohm Surface Resistance Plastic
2mm 316 Electro Polished Stainless Steel