Reducing our environmental impact



Safe-T-Products is committed to reduce or eliminate the generation of harmful and persistent wastes. Minimisation of waste supports and promotes a more sustainable world.

Review and Improvement of Environmental Compliance

This highlights our commitment to not only focusing on operational efficiency but also ensuring that our business operations align with environmental regulations and best practices. It’s about seeking ways to minimise our company’s impact on the environment and adopting sustainable practices.

Minimising or Phasing Out Plastic Bags and Polystyrene

We aim to reduce or eliminate the utilisation of plastic bags and polystyrene in the safeguarding of products and devices. This initiative is in line with our broader commitment to curbing plastic waste and lessening our environmental footprint.

Speed and Environmental Footprint Benefits

By eliminating the need for the ‘unpacking’ step and reducing plastic bag consumption, we anticipate several advantages. Firstly, this change is expected to result in time savings, streamlining the process and enhancing overall efficiency. Secondly, it aligns with global environmental sustainability initiatives by reducing plastic usage, contributing to the reduction of plastic waste, resource conservation, and pollution minimisation, thus reducing our environmental footprint.

Choosing to use fsc packaging

We have also prioritised sustainability by opting for FSC – certified packaging. Our packaging is crafted from renewable forest fiber which is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. This not only preserves our natural resources but also aligns with our mission to reduce waste and promote eco-friendly alternatives. To find out more you can go to

What we do with our incoming cardboard packaging

Smart Waste Solutions Australia has introduced an innovative waste management system that effectively addresses our cardboard waste. This system not only reduces the volume of packaging, making it more space-efficient, but also enhances the cleanliness and efficiency of our recycling processes. To find out more you can visit their website

No More Polystyrenes

We’ve made a conscious choice to transition to biodegradable packaging peanuts. When it comes to safeguarding our products against transportation-related shocks, we’ve adopted a plant-based solution. This sustainable approach not only ensures the protection of our items but also aligns with our commitment to reducing our environmental impact.

Powered by the Sun

In our sun-drenched locale, harnessing solar energy is not just a choice; it’s a necessity and the most rational one. Solar power not only liberates us from grid dependency but also significantly trims down our daytime power expenses, harnessing the abundant natural resource at our disposal.

In our evolving office practices

In the past, paper served as the primary medium of communication and record-keeping. However, at STP, we’ve made a substantial shift towards modernisation. Today, the majority of our work is conducted electronically. Reducing our paper consumption. Embracing digital tools and technologies has also allowed us to streamline our operations, improve collaboration and minimise our ecological impact.

By working alongside our suppliers

In our pursuit of a more environmentally conscious business model, it’s essential to acknowledge that not all our suppliers are situated locally. We recognise that some of our supplier’s hail from countries whose environmental standards may not fully align with the current Australian Standard. However, it’s heartening to note that these companies are demonstrating a genuine willingness to collaborate with us on our journey towards a more sustainable and environmentally responsible approach to our operations. Together, we are committed to working towards harmonising our environmental practices and contributing positively to the global effort to protect our planet.

Australian Government Policies and Regulations

This emphasises that our actions are in line with guidelines set by the Australian Government to promote environmental responsibility. Australia, like many other countries, has regulations and policies aimed at reducing plastic waste, conserving resources, and ensuring sustainable practices across industries.
Safe-T-Products is committed to both operational excellence and environmental responsibility. By optimising processes, reducing waste, and aligning with regulations, we’re demonstrating a holistic approach to business improvement that benefits both your company and the environment.

Continuous Review and Improvement of safe-t-Product’s Company Procedures

Our ongoing effort within Safe-T-Products to regularly evaluate and enhance the way tasks and processes are carried out. By continuously reviewing procedures, we aim to identify inefficiencies, bottlenecks, or areas for improvement that can lead to increased productivity, reduced costs, and better overall performance.